Who is an agent?

November 1, 2021

An agent does not work for their client. An agent works AS their client, but a lot of the time, better.


What personality traits do you embody that get you in the way of yourself? What actions, reactions, and lack of actions do you take/not take that hinder your path to a certain goal? This is the nitty gritty stuff, and maybe not the most comfortable to confront, but sometimes we need a person to act on our own behalf so that we don’t alter the outcome in a less desirable way.


The more time I spend working as a Real Estate Agent, the more value I see in what we do. Each individual client is so very different and an agent needs to transform to what is needed each time a new agency relationship transpires. 


Sometimes I have clients that take the reins and I simply fall in pace too, because I know it’s what’s best for that client and situation. A highly ‘Real Estate specific-intelligent to the steps’, the technique, and the pace at which a sale should go ~ individual, may simply need me to back them at every point and be there to hit the tasks and perform needed actions when assigned to. 


Other times clients may need more unique guidance. This is where it becomes like a work of art being an agent; a creative, ever evolving guide, caretaker, and motivator.


Buying or selling a home might be one of the most emotional times of our entire lives. It brings out the fear of change, grief for the loss of something, more tangible excitement than we ever feel in our daily lives, anxiety over the moon, and everything in between. 


Now here is my key point: If we put that energy directly to the person on the other side of the transaction that we are working to complete, then how may it affect the opposing party? 


Often I find myself becoming the buffer person. A person to catch those moments of 

“I’ll sell my kidney for this house”, or 

“this person is wack, I am not dealing with them!”, or 

“this is going to sell for over my budget, I am not even going to try”, or

“this house is too nice for me, (I am not worth it)”…….


~In which I may offer:


“This home has been sitting for a bit, why don’t we see if we can get a little shaved off the assking price?”

“Maybe they are just stressed about the sale, let’s just focus on what You want,and not the person on the other side.”

“You never know, let’s just do the best we can and offer what you feel comfortable offering, and see what happens.”

“This house is beautiful, and you so deserve it!!”


These are just a few examples of many, and are all so common amongst us. I represented myself in my own last land purchase and watched myself go through the same self defeating conversations. 


I love being an agent for this reason. It is a caring role, it requires a high level of focus, commitment and determination. Being an agent requires the greatest energy output I have experienced; to help manifest others dreams and put our entire selfs into the work to make their goals transpire. This is no light lifting work.